Oh little tables, you are so useful. Next to the chair, the sofa, the bed, the chaise, the bath, the daybed, high, low, you hold the coffee, the wine, the lamp, the objets d' art. Here are several that get the job done in high style.


Eero Saarinen Table - 20" Round Tulip Side Table Eero Saarine 20" side table 

Saarinen's Tulip table is a favorite of folks everywhere for its
easy style. 

In-stock in white carrara marble,black marquina marble,
white laminate or black laminate. Special order in green, brown,
calacatta gold, or extra-white marble -- mix and match black or 
white bases for a custom look. Our tables feature a weighted
base. Made In Italy.


  Mid century modern table 

Oophs Momaboma Table 

The Oophs Momaboma Table was introduced by our friends Midj
at the 2011 Milan Furniture Fair. This table was developed in collaboration
with Momaboma, a design house known for reusing materials into
handbags and accessories. Magazines, newspapers, comics of the past
are now the raw materials for design objects, combining past and present,
nostalgia and fashion. The middle of this fabulous table contains
an insert of Italian black and white comics, color comics, newspaper,
a scrabble board, or 60s magazines. Available in three diameters.






square shaker tableSquare Shaker Table with Drawer

One of the oldest reproductions in our collection,
these Shaker tables seem surprisingly modern.
This little Shaker table comes from a design dating
back to around1820, which unified the characteristics
of the models produced by the New Lebanon Shaker
community near New York. 

Available in cherry wood or lacquered black, these designs
easily work across in contemporary and traditional environments
and can tie disparate elements together with grace.



Mid century modern chair





Ascari Carbon Fiber Pouf

For something completely different, we present the uniquely
shaped Ascari Carbon Fiber Pouf, which matches technology
with passion for design and construction. As a side table or pouf,
it represents an advanced development in the use of the exceptionally
strong and lightweight carbon fiber materials in furniture.

Of course, the Ascari Carbon Fiber Pouf is designed and made in Italy.
Our other carbon fiber designs include chaise lounges and tables.