Today a customer called to ask if we had transparent dining chairs. Did you know Lucite was first introduced in the 1930s? We have many chairs with transparent or translucent options, here are a few:

marlene chair

Marlene Chair 

Though similar to a classic chair style, the Marlene is manufactured with either glossy polycarbonate or glossy nylon.  The richness of details and the fine figure gives Marlene a simple and smart regality, and it's indoor/outdoor, to boot. From $274


tess chair

Tess OM Chair by Softline Allkit

The Tess chair has a base in solid beechwood or American walnut base and comes in solid and translucent polycarbonates. From $531

fata chair

Fata Chair by Softline Allkit

The Fata Chair by Softline offers all of the contemporary flair of a Kartell chair, but at a better price!  Available in clear or 4 solid colors, the Fata makes a cool dining chair.  When you are ready to vacuum, just stack the Fatas up in the corner. From $198. 

sintesi chair

Sintesi Webs Q Armchair

The Webs was designed for Sintesi by the Italian brothers Edi and Paolo Ciani.  Their studio has created many different furniture products for offices and gardens since their start in 1987.  Their client list includes many renown Italian companies including BBB, Calligaris, and Constantini Pietro. From $469

eva chair

Eva Chair - Acrylic

Simple and beautiful, stackable design, in high-grade acrylic. The Eva chair's shapely back and slim legs combined with your choice of acrylic provides a timeless classic for any environment. From $345. -- B2H