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Shaker Furniture

The Shakers
(1750– )
An utopian religious sect of the 19th century, also known as the “United Society of Believers in the First and Second Coming of Christ”. In 1840 there were approximately 6000 brothers and sisters divided into 19 communities between Maine and Kentucky. The unusual community is knows for the simplicity and essential quality of its customs and for the complete dedication to work and a type of dance from which they have taken their name. The philosophy of Shaker life is also reflected in Shaker Furniture, other artifacts, and their homes. Shaker homes were furnished in a very simple style with furniture made by members of the Shaker society. Shaker furniture was typically made in multiples at time. Common pieces included chairs rockers and tables. The ultimate aim of this production principle was to adhere to the conformity and equality which were the basis of their organization. Today only one active Shaker community is still in existence located in Maine.
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Round Shaker Table - $589.00
Round Shaker Table
Square Shaker Table - $610.00
Square Shaker Table
Square Shaker Table with Drawer - $711.00
Square Shaker Table with Drawer


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