What we know today as “Art Deco” is an eclectic style spun from 1920s Paris. This style moderne influenced all areas of design, from architecture and interiors, to automobiles, fashion, and jewelry well into the early 1940s. The term Art Deco came into use in the 1960s, after a Paris exhibition celebrating the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes.

Streamlines and geometry, elegance and functionality are all characteristics of the style. New manufacturing techniques coming out of the Bauhaus made materials like chrome ubiquitous  – and served as a sharp departure from earlier dark and woody styles. If you need a touch of Deco in your life, here are some suggestions.  Frankl Console Table

Paul T. Frankl was an important designer and architect whose Skyscraper Furniture
company influenced the modernism looked in America and abroad. Our Frankl designs
are quality Italian reproductions of those originally produced in the 1930s. This console table would add a sweet spot of classic American deco beside a chair or in a hall. 




With its square tubular frame and spare lines, the contemporary Sintesi Leo Armchair pairs well with our Frankl tables. Order in chrome for a signature deco look and get a lot of original style for your budget.

Mid century modern chair








Mid century modern furnitureThe brilliant Eileen Gray designed interiors and furnishings with the kind of exotic and luxurious materials and geometric shapes we have come to associate with the 1920s and ‘30s. The Eileen Gray Block Screen, also known as the Brick Screen, would lend any room the luxe style and drama of the period, writ large.







With a mirror like a moon, this simple sophisticated console table was
designed by Austrian Wolfgang Hoffmann in the 1930s. A tall and elegant piece,
it is as striking today as it must have been in the 1930s. How moderne in an
entryway, at the end of a hall, or as a bedroom or dressing room vanity.

Mid century modern furniture 




Futuristic is another word used to describe some of the more unusual
designs from the Deco period. This chromed lamp by an anonymous Swiss
designer certainly fits the bill with its quirky accelerating shade.

Mid century modern furniture









Even if you don’t know the name of the American designer 
Donald Deskey
, you probably know his famous landmark
Radio City Music Hall. Deksey's 1937 lamp design
was featured  on the US Postal Service's
Pioneers of American Industrial Design series
We're delighted to offer three designs by Deskey.


    Mid century modern furniture