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Oliver Percy Bernard SP4 English Chair

Oliver Percy Bernard SP4 English Chair

This English SP4 Chair by Oliver Percy Bernard has a complicated pedigree. It is a descendant of a similar chair with a thinner seat designed in 1928 by Wassily and Hands Luckhardt and used in their home on the Ruppenhorn. The Luckhardt chair was first produced by Desta (Deutsche Stahlmobel), a company founded by Anton Lorenz in 1929. When Desta was liquidated in 1933, all the designs were sold to Thonet who sold this model as SS33. A variation of this model with a single rod in the back (attributed to Lorenz) was also sold by Desta and, then, by Thonet. 

This present English SP4 Chair is a reworking of the Luckhardts' chair by Oliver Percy Bernard during his short association (1931-1933) with Pel Ltd., London (SP4). In 1982 it was reintroduced by Sheridan Coakley as part of his collection of classics.

Made in Italy.

Dimensions: H 29 3/4" D 24" W 21" SH 18"

Materials: Armchair in chrome plated or black painted tubular steel. Upholstered seat and back.


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