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Michael Thonet A763 Bentwood Chair

Michael Thonet A763 Bentwood Chair

The A763 Bentwood Chair was first shown in Michael Thonet's 1928 Catalogue.  Since that time, the 763 has been widely used in residential and contract applications.   

In the 1840s Michael Thonet began experimenting with furniture made by bending wood that had been steamed into a soft and pliable state. Over the next 20 years Michael Thonet and his sons developed the processes and machines that would allow them to build bentwood furniture in unprecedented quantities. It was in this time period that he developed what has become thought of as the "traditional" Michael Thonet designed bentwood chair: one featuring a back rest and back legs made from a single piece, a rounded cane or laminated seat, and front legs. In his effort to reduce the number of pieces used in building chairs, he had to connect the main elements that existed on different planes.  This could only be achieved by bending the beechwood.  

Michael Thonet's further experimentation with bending wood yielded amazing results.  By the 1860s, Michael Thonet's bentwood styles had become mainstream, and he was on his way to creating a catalog of bentwood chairs yet to be rivaled.

Made in the Czech Republic

Dimensions: H 30 3/4"  D 18 3/4"  W 18"  SH 15 1/2"

Materials:  Bentwood chair.  Frame in solid natural beechwood or beechwood with stain.  Seat in wood veneer, or upholstered with fabric or leather.

Minimum order of 2.


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