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Michael Thonet A14 Bentwood Stool (Upholstered)

Michael Thonet A14 Bentwood Stool (Upholstered)

The Michael Thonet designed A14 bentwood stool is modeled after one of the most famous chairs of all time.  The A14's simple elegance and modest creation from a handful of bent wood pieces has become legendary worldwide.  This A14 bentwood stool is manufactured at an factory utilizing hand craft techniques originated by Michael Thonet.  The A14 Stool was originally created in Thonet Boppard, Germany workshop in 1855.  The mass production of the Michael Thonet designed bentwood A14 has just celebrated its 150th year of manufacturing.  

In the 1830s, Michael Thonet started experiments with bent veneers in an effort to reduce the number of separate pieces of wood being used in bentwood chairs.  These early techniques were successful in reducing the number of pieces in bentwood chairs from 10 to 5.  Further reduction became the focal point of Michael Thonet's work.

The output of Michael Thonet's factories was vast, due in part to his idea of designing separate pieces which would be combined to make a large number of models. Michael Thonet stands out as a designer and pioneer both in mass production and in design, as he artistically explored the new forms and unique qualities of his newly invented technique.  Remarkably few changes have been necessary over the last 150 years. The factory still follows the 19th century production methods developed by Michael Thonet to produce stylistically accurate, handsome, and sturdy bentwood chairs, stools, tables, and accessories. Today the No. 14 bentwood chair, or A14 bentwood stool, is widely used in cafes, restaurants, offices and homes.

Made in the Czech Republic


counter stool - H 37 1/2  D 19 3/4"  W 16"  SH 24"

bar stool - H 43 1/4"  D 19 3/4"  W 16"  SH 30"

Materials:  Bentwood stool. Frame in solid natural beechwood or beechwood with stain.  Seat upholstered with fabric or leather.



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