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Michael Thonet 20 Bentwood Coat Rack

Michael Thonet 20 Bentwood Coat Rack

Seen in homes, restaurants and cafes around the world, the No. 20 Coat Stand is the perfect accessory for any entrance way.  The Michael Thonet designed No. 20 Bentwood Coat Stand is one of the famed pieces from Michael Thonet's original sales catalogs dating back to the mid-1800s. 

1847 - 1850 marked an important time for Michael Thonet’s company.  At the Gumpendorf Workshop, Michael Thonet was commissioned to create a light and inexpensive café chair for the Café Daum.  The proprietor had seen Thonet’s A4 bentwood chair exhibited at the Lower Austrian Craft Association, and wanted to transform her fashionable coffee house into a modern café.   It was in the Café Daum that chairs were initially on public display.  Not long thereafter, Michael Thonet received an order from Budapest for 400 of these Café Daum bentwood chairs.

Though bentwood  furniture has become unfashionable several times since Michael Thonet started in the 1800s, we now see a steady demand for the bentwood furniture due to their enduring beauty, functionality, and recognition as timeless designs.  

Made in the Czech Republic

Dimensions: H 74 3/4"  D 23 3/4"  W 23 3/4"

Materials:  Bentwood coat rack.  Frame in solid natural beechwood or beechwood with stain or lacquer finish.   



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