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Marcel Breuer Wassily Chair

Marcel Breuer Wassily Chair

Marcel Breuer's Wassily Chair (1925) is one of the most famous products of the Bauhaus School. It is a club armchair with all the stuffing taken out, leaving a behind a skeletal framework and stretched seat, back, and arms.

Marcel Breuer is considered one of the fathers of Modernism. During his career he was an architect, teacher and furniture designer. Breuer is famous for number of furniture designs, though perhaps no chair design is more famous than his Wassily Chair. Marcel Breuer designed the No. B3 chair, commonly known as the Wassily Chair, in 1925 for Wassily Kandinsky's residence at the Dessau Bauhaus. Eventually the chair took the name "Wassily" from its intended recipient. The Wassily Chair was later produced in collaboration with Karl Koerner, who was the head smith at the Junkerswerken in Dessau. Over the next four years, the chair went through a transformation while Marcel Breuer was employed by Standard-Mobel. The Wassily Chair was again redesigned for Thonet, after his resignation from Standard-Mobel, and would remain the permanent design for Marcel Breuer's revolutionary chair.

Made in Italy. 

Dimensions: H 29 1/4"    D 26 1/4"    W 30 1/4;   SH 16"; ArH 22 1/2"

Material: Armchair with hide and tubular steel frame. Chrome plated. Steel back and armrests in hide. An extremely solid piece with welded and polished caps.  In stock in black hide leather.

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