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Marcel Breuer Long Chair

Marcel Breuer Long Chair

Marcel Breuer designed a similar lounge chair to this constructed with aluminum in 1932 and called the style simply "Long Chair". A year later a Swiss furniture company put that chair into production. Not until 1935 did this upgraded Breuer Long Chair surface. It was put into production by The Isokon Company, an English enterprise founded earlier that year which was dedicated to the application of modern functional design to the construction of houses, apartments, and furniture. Breuer was involved with the modification of his "Long Chair" design, and it became a highly successful design for the Isokon Company in the following years.

Breuer’s Long Chair in wood was based upon earlier lounge chairs he had designed from aluminum. This wood version of his lounge chair would require much more work and expense as it cost more to split wood than aluminum. Due to the insufficient supply of aluminum, wood was chosen as the material to be used on the Long Chair.

The first versions of the Breuer Long Chairs from 1935 were quickly modified and improved upon. At least 10 versions of this chair exist, most of which never made it into mass production. Each used a cantilever design with a plywood frame.

Made in Italy.

Dimensions: H 31 1/2" x D 55 1/4" x W 25 1/2"

Materials: Single sheet of bent plywood covered with foam and polyurethane/polyester padding and finished in fabric or leather.


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