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Le Corbusier LC10 Rectangular 71" Glass Top Dining Table

Le Corbusier LC10 Rectangular 71" Glass Top Dining Table

The Le Corbusier LC10 Dining Table series is one of many of his designs that first exhibited at the Salon D' Automne in 1929. The Le Corbusier Table was designed in 1928 for the exhibition as part of the furnishing of the "Equipement interieur d'une habitation; des casiers, des sieges, des tables."  

Le Corbusier is considered to be one of the most influential designers, artists, and architects of the 20th century.  The Swiss born (1887) genius was responsible for some of the enduring designs and sociological concepts that continue to impact the world around us. 

Le Corbusier was born as Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, but changed his name to the single name of Le Corbusier in 1920, a vogue move by the young designer.  At an early age, Le Corbusier traveled extensively throughout eastern Europe.  The influence of these travels can be seen in the many sketchbooks that he filled with his rendering of famous sites such as the Parthenon.

By the mid-1920’s, Le Corbusier was proposing the designs of complete cities that would deal with squalor he had witnessed in Paris.  Stark urban environments with powerful architecture would be constructed with steel and glass.  Many of these urban environments would ultimately be realized in the Soviet Union, France, and Sweden.

Le Corbusier’s impact on furniture was just as forceful with the creation of lounge chairs and tables constructed of tubular steel and glass.  The LC10 Table is an excellent example of Le Corbusier’s style.  There is no excess, only functional materials that one can see completely.  It is strong, durable, and above all else, functional.

Made in Italy.

Dimensions: H 28 1/4" x D 36" x W 71" (1/2" glass)

Materials: LC10 Rectangular table with a glass top, chrome plated steel tube legs and a lacquered steel frame

Seats: 6


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