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Le Corbusier Grand Confort Soft Loveseat (LC3)

Le Corbusier Grand Confort Soft Loveseat (LC3)

Faithful to the aspect of the original prototype of the Grand Modele of Le Corbusier Grand Confort, this two-seat version underlines the contrast between the softness of the feather seat and the rigidity of the metal structure. Whereas the LC2 and LC3 Grand have firm and tailored cushions, the LC3 Soft will take on a less formal appearance of "broken-in luxe." The construction of the prototype certainly had handicraft characteristics, which only after 1959 could be adapted to the requirements of large-scale production. 

The two and three-seater models based on the design of the Le Corbusier Grand Confort cannot in actual fact be attributed to Le Corbusier, who had conceived an armchair suited to satisfy the physical standard of an individual, and had refused Heidi Weber's request to extend the original design to a sofa. It was not until the end of the 1960s that the first models of sofas inspired by the Le Corbusier Grand Confort appeared on the market.

Born in 1887 in Switzerland, Le Corbusier became one of the most influential architects, painters and industrial designers of the 20th century.  At the early age of 20 years old, Le Corbusier had finished his first house project, Villa Pallet.  By the 1920s, Le Corbusier was designing complete public housing structures attempting to utilize his Five Points of Architecture – a roof garden, pilotis or columns for supporting the structure above the ground, horizontal windows, free design of the interior plan, and a free design of the façade.

Made in Italy.

Dimensions: H 30"  D 30"  W 67"; SH 16 1/2"

Materials: Grand Confort Soft two seat upholstered sofa with polished chrome tubular frame. Cushions stuffed with foam and down. Upholstered with fabric or leather.


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