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Le Corbusier Adjustable Dining Table (LC6)

Le Corbusier Adjustable Dining Table (LC6)

The Le Corbusier Adjustable Height Dining Table (LC6) is one of many of his designs that first exhibited at the Salon D' Automne in 1929. The Le Corbusier Dining Table was designed in 1928 for the exhibition as part of the furnishing of the "Equipement interieur d'une habitation."

The Le Corbusier Dining Table LC6 was constructed with an elliptical tube which was used in airplane construction. It is obvious that the material was chosen not merely for form, but for its symbolic association with the epitome of the modern age.

Very little is known of the origins of this table. According to Heidi Weber, Le Corbusier made it clear in 1959 that the table no longer interested him. Perhaps, in 1928 the table was a pretext for using a futuristic material and, perhaps, the material lost its fascination when it ceased to be used to build airplanes. At any rate, attention was generally not given to the clever use of unusual materials. The table was put into production by Thonet in 1929. This was probably due to the fact that the tube was relatively difficult to obtain and polish. In addition, the design was very advanced for its time and one can understand how Thonet did not anticipate a commercial success with the general public from such a radically new design statement.

The Le Corbusier LC6 Dining Table also allows you to adjust the height of the top for added flexibility in its use. The structure is constructed of an elliptical matte black metal base with four adjustable pilotis. Because of the weight of the glass top, we recommend a local source for the glass. Customers have also used stone and wood to further customize this classic table.

Made in Italy.

Dimensions: (Base) H 27 1/4" 29 1/4" D 27 1/2" x W 63"

Recommended Glass Size: D 33 1/2"  x  W 88 1/2"  x  3/4"

Materials: Adjustable tubular steel lacquered black tubular table base.

Seats: 4-6

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