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Jean Michel Frank Loveseat

Jean Michel Frank Loveseat

Jean Michel Frank was responsible for completely reinventing the dictionary of decorative arts between 1932 and 1940. He worked in Paris, New York, and South America. He was inspired by Neoclassicism and the abstraction of primitive art. He graced the 1930's period with an original and highly elegant style which soon earned him a wealthy and elitist clientele. His name became a true reference point for 20th century furniture collectors. The decorative principles that he developed formed the basis for a minimalist style which is still popular today and continues to inspire modern designers.

Jean Michel Frank's lounge pieces are comprised of elegant, luxurious clean lines. The use of simple square and block shapes in his lounge pieces create a rich and powerful statement.

The Jean Michel Frank Armchair design is dated to 1930, but was only verifiable in photographs of interiors that he created. Jean Michel Frank never considered mass-production and as a result never took authorship of his designs, including this armchair. Despite that fact, Jean Michel Frank would exert influence on the taste of the period and that his reinterpretation of existing designs characterized them to a point that they seemed his own. The loveseat and three-seat sofa are derivations of his armchair design.

Made in Italy.

Dimensions: H 31 1/2"   D 35 1/2"   W 59"  SH 17"  ArH 23 1/2"

Materials: Upholstered armchair with foam covered hardwood frame and walnut base.


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