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Gerald Summers Bent Plywood Chair by Alivar

Gerald Summers Bent Plywood Chair

Gerald Summers was one of the earliest producers of functional furniture. In 1929 he formed "Makers of Simple Furniture Ltd" with the purpose of producing practical furniture. In the early 1930's, modern style bentwood furniture began to surface.  Designers such as Alvar Aalto, Gerald Summers, and Charles Eames were inspired by an alternative to the steel frame furniture of that period.

At first glance one can mistake this piece for a design by Alvar Aalto, though upon further inspection a major difference in construction can be recognized. Unlike pieces by Aalto, this Summers lounge chair is composed of one, solitary sheet of bent plywood. This lounge chair has been described as "organic" and "biomorphic" due to its swept-back, continuous shape. Only 120 of the Summers Bent Plywood Chairs were produced at Makers of Simple Furniture, Ltd, the original factory. In 1939 Summers' factory was forced to close due to government restriction on the import of much of the materials he used.  Gerald Summers never returned to furniture design.

Manufactured in Italy.

Dimensions: H: 27 1/2" D 35 3/4" W 23 1/2"

Materials: Armchair with frame in beech plywood covered with a layer of birch, black-painted or natural.


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