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George Nelson Three Seat Platform Bench

George Nelson Three Seat Platform Bench

The George Nelson Platform Bench was designed in the 1940s during Nelson's tenure as a writer at Fortune Magazine. 

Though Nelson is well known for his furniture designs, he was an important part of American Modernism. His contributions ranged from the design of logos, to clocks, to architectural wonders, to teaching others about design. In fact, his books and lectures have become the cornerstone of contemporary design philosophy. Though many of the designs that are associated with Nelson actually came from other designers in his studio, the Nelson Bench can be traced to George Nelson. 

The idea behind the bench was to create a bench so uncomfortable, that visitors would not stay long in his office. Though he was successful in creating a beautiful design, he was not successful in keeping visitors away. 

The George Nelson 3 Seat Platform Bench has an option of the top in natural or black painted wood. The base is offered only in black painted wood only.

Made in Italy.

Dimensions: H 13 3/4"  D 18 1/2"  W 72"

Materials: Three seat bench with a solid lacquered American hardwood and painted black base.

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