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Eileen Gray Brick Screen

Eileen Gray Brick Screen

This a is a beautiful reproduction of Eileen Gray's Brick Screen originally designed around 1922. This represents a clear milestone in Eileen Gray's productive career as one of the century's most creative designers. Her ability to successfully use materials rarely used together are shown in this magnificent piece.

Eileen Gray designed various models of screens during her career. Amongst those of which a trace has remained, some are lacquered white, some others are black, with different heights and lengths, and smooth panels or with a rectangular relief on one side. This Eileen Gray Brick Screen uses block shaped panels lacquered with polyester paint, connected together with steel rods and polished brass end caps.

There are eleven known examples of this screen that were produced at different times from 1922 up until 1971. Six are in black lacquer while five are in white. They vary in width and height. An example in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has plain panels.

Made in Italy.

Dimensions: W 60" D 1.6" H 67 3/4"

Materials: Wood lacquered in black or white and polished to a high gloss finish. Connected by steel rods with polished brass end caps.


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