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Aries Sofa by Giovannetti

Aries Sofa by Giovannetti

The Aries Sofa by Giovannetti was created from a scrupulous and patient research by Pietro Cavallo in 2007 to synthesize harmony created by the opposites. Balance is researched by the combination of features and shapes with different peculiarities. On the front of the Aries Sofa we find harmony, lightness and feminine grace. On the back, representing virility, we find dynamism and the force of the masculine principle.

Made in Italy by Giovannetti.

Dimensions:  H 39 1/2"  D 35 1/2"  W 90 1/2"

Materials: Elliptical sofa with wooden frame, high density polyurethane foam covered with protective lining. Steel frame back covered with polyurethane foam


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