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Josef Hoffmann Velvet Loveseat

Josef Hoffmann Velvet Loveseat

Josef Hoffmann was born in Austria in 1870. At the age of 17 Josef Hoffmann started studying classic architecture in Brunn. From there he studied architecture under Karl Freiherr von Hasenauer at the Academy of Fine arts in Vienna. At that time, von Hasenauer was one of Europe's most popular architects. After von Hasenauer's death, Otto Wagner, Europe's most famous 19th century architect took over the class. Josef Hoffmann went onto work for Wagner later in his career. Two of Hoffmann's enduring furniture designs, the Hoffmann Cubus and Hoffmann Velvet Chair, have gone onto to be very popular into the 21st century.  

The Josef Hoffmann Velvet Armchair was developed 1911 for the "House Kohler." Josef Hoffmann based the Velvet Armchair design off of a previous design from the Palais Stoclet's vestibule in Brussels (1905-1911), and this piece represents an iteration of that model. The Velvet Loveseat we see here differs from that model primarily in how Josef Hoffmann was more liberal in his use of decorative border, in this case the stripped piping. This design also includes the derivations of the armchair and three seat sofa, as you see here. 

Made In Italy.

Dimensions: H 36 1/4"   D 32 1/4"   W 62 1/4"  SH 16"; ArH 26"

Material: Velvet upholstered two seat sofa with striped piping. Hardwood frame covered with expanded foam. Velvet available in a variety of colors.


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