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Le Corbusier Basculant Sling Chair (LC1)

Le Corbusier Basculant Sling Chair (LC1)

The Le Corbusier Basculant Sling Chair (LC1) is the best known version of the reinterpretation of the British "officers chair". The Le Corbusier Basculant Sling Chair (LC1) was first exhibited at the Salon D' Automne in 1929 with such icons as the chaise lounge and the Grand Confort collection. The Le Corbusier Basculant Sling Chair (LC1) was designed in 1928 for the furnishing of a villa in the Ville d' Avray, and utilizes exposed structural elements with hide leather seat and back with banded armrests.

Le Corbusier was born Charles Edouard Jeanneret, and is widely considered the most important Modernist chair designer in France. As a spirited advocate of Modernism, he created a range of chairs that express his ideals with great sophistication. The Le Corbusier Basculant Chair allows you to effortlessly adjust the reclining position for your guaranteed comfort.

Along with Walter Gropius, Mies Van der Rohe, and Theo Van Doesburg, Le Corbusier was the father of Modernism. Born Charles-Edouard Jeanneret in 1887 in Switzerland, Le Corbusier had great interest in the visual arts at an early age. At age 23, he was an active designer and during time in Berlin, met the famed Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe. It was a meeting that would have vast impact on 20th century design. During his career, Le Corbusier spent much of his efforts on designing buildings and environments for urbanism. His designs called for large blocks of cell-like individual apartments stacked one on top of the other, with plans that included a living room, bedrooms, and kitchen. Around this thought process, he designed entire cities.

Le Corbusier's impact on furniture continues to impact current design.

This LC1 is handcrafted by craftsmen in Tuscany, Italy.  Each component is carefully made to an exacting specification ensuring that you are receiving an accurate reproduction that you will be able to enjoy for years.

Made in Italy.

Dimensions: H 26" x D 24 3/4" x W 23 1/2"; SH 15" x ArH 23"

Materials: Upholstered armchair with tubular frame. Chrome plated. Seat, back and armrests in hide. Chair also available in pony.  Black leather and pony hide are in-stock. Colored leathers are factory direct.

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