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Marcel Breuer B54 Cart

Marcel Breuer B54 Cart

The Marcel Breuer Tea Cart (model B54) first appeared in the form of a prototype in a photograph dated 1928. The Marcel Breuer cart was first shown in public in 1930 at the Salon des Artiste Decorateurs where Breuer designed an "apartment for a boardinghouse/hotel" as a representative of Deutscher Werkbund. The cart made another public appearance in 1932 when Marcel Breuer designed a house for the Berlin-Bau Austellung known as the "House for Sportsmen."

In 1935 the cart disappeared altogether in favour of other rather ordinary models with smaller wheels and no attribution. The trolley with three disk wheels appears in a photo of 1932 as an accessory in the kitchen of the Harnischmacher House I, in Wiesbaden. The disk-wheel trolley made its last appearance in the Highgate apartment for Mrs. Ventris, designed by Breuer in partnership with Francis Reginald York. The trolley is in the collection of MOMA, and also shown at Neue Galerie, New York, New York.

Marcel Breuer was first inspired to work with tubular steel during his first few weeks at the Bauhaus- Dessau.  After purchasing an Adler bicycle, he was amazed at how strong and light the tubular steel could be.  After examination of the bent handlebars, he wondered why furniture could not be made of the same material.  Shortly thereafter he went directly to a tubular steel manufacturer and purchased various lengths of steel tube to experiment with.  This experiment eventually led to the development of his first lounge chair known as the Wassily.

Manufactured in Italy by Matrix International.

Dimensions: H 31 1/2" x D 20" x W 40"

Materials: Serving cart with chrome-plated tubular steel frame. Tops in black or white pressurized laminate, embossed or bright lacquered MDF, or wood veneer.. The motion of the front wheel may cause a slight inclination of the surface.


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