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X027 Modular Demie Bookcase by Ozzio

X027 Modular Demie Bookcase by Ozzio

The X027 Demie Bookcase by Ozzio is a modular bookcase that may be mounted to a wall in either a vertical or horizontal configuration.  The Ozzio Demie Bookcase has a unique style as the compartments come in different sizes and depths creating a 3 dimensional effect.  The Ozzio Demie is available in a lacquered MDF or a heat treated oak wood veneer.

Made in Italy by Ozzio.


Vertical positioning: H 41 3/4"; D 10 1/4"; W 22 1/4"

Horizontal positioning: H 22 1/4"; D 10 1/4; W 41 3/4"

Materials: Heat treated oak veneer or lacquered MDF structure.


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