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Walter Gropius Three Seat Sofa F 51/3 by Tecta

Walter Gropius Three Seat Sofa F 51/3

Walter Gropius was best known as the head of the Dessau Bauhaus. This Gropius three seat sofa, the F 51/3, is one of a handful of furniture designs for which he was responsible. It maintains the look and feel of many of the items that came from the Bauhaus and the era of revolutionary designs. This Gropius three seat sofa has been reproduced to exacting detail by the German factory Tecta.

Walter Gropius is widely regarded as one of the pioneering masters of "modern" architecture. With the help of the English architect Maxwell Fry, Gropius was able to get out of Germany in 1934, on the pretext of making a temporary visit to Britain. Thus he escaped the rising antisemitism in Germany. He lived and worked in Britain, as part of the Isokon group with Fry and others until moving to the United States in 1937.

Made in Germany. A licensed reproduction.

Dimensions: H 27 1/2" D 27 1/2" W 73" SH 16 1/2"

Materials: Base ash, black, white or natural stained. Upholstered seat.


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