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T230 Wing Extendable Dining Table by Ozzio - 108

T230 Wing Extendable Dining Table by Ozzio - 108

The T230 Ozzio Wing Extendable Table is one of this Italian furniture makers most popular table designs.  It features all of the technology seen in their other tables blended into this popular size. Using a telescopic aluminum mechanism, hidden wheels, and a butterfly extension, the T230 Ozzio Wing Extendable Table is easy for one person to extend or contract. 

The T230 Ozzio Wing is available in two sizes with the 108 being the smaller of the two. The 138 version is approximately one foot longer.  Both sizes feature the latest designer finishes for the top and base.  

Made in Italy by Ozzio.

Dimensions: H 29 1/2"; D 29 1/2"; W 42 1/2" - 65 1/2"

Materials: Structural steel frame table with a telescopic extending aluminum mechanism including the inside extension.  Laminate, oak or glass top/extension (tinted, markless or pyroceramic).  Wheels under sliding legs.

Seats: 4-6


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