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T064 Radius Transformable Coffee Table by Ozzio

T064 Radius Transformable Coffee Table by Ozzio

Leave it to Ozzio to come up with one of the coolest TV trays ever made.  The T064 Radius is one of their newest creations taking a common piece of furniture and make it transformable and space saving.  The Ozzio T064 Radius Transformable Coffee Table works as a coffee table/storage unit for most of the day.  When the evening rolls around and its time to have something to eat, check some emails and watch some reruns of The Jetsons, the Radius pops up to 25 1/2" making an ideal work and eating surface.  

Made in Italy by Ozzio.


closed - H 12 1/2"  D 26 3/4"  W 46"

open - H 25 1/2"  

Materials: Two heights transformable coffee table with metal structure.  Base in metal with matte graphite painted finish.  Self-braking gas-lifting device.


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