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T035 Golia Console Sideboard to Dining Table by Ozzio

T035 Golia Console Sideboard to Dining Table by Ozzio

The T035 Golia Console Sideboard to Dining Table by Ozzio is an incredible piece of industrial engineering. Starting with a small sideboard that can store against a wall, the Ozzio T035 Golia can be easily be adjusted to 6 different sizes with the use of 5 separate extensions.  The aluminum telescopic mechanism makes pulling out or pushing in the table a one person job.

Ozzio's quick you tube video shows the ease with which the Golia is operated at this link.

The T035 Golia by Ozzio is a great solution in areas where space can be tight, but when you need the flexibility of having a large table for dining or social events.

Made in Italy by Ozzio

Dimensions: H 29 1/2"; D 39 1/2"; W 17"

1st extension: 36 1/2" 

2nd extension: 56"

3rd extension: 76"

4th extension: 95 3/4"

5th extension: 115 1/2"

Materials: Oak frame, legs, top and extensions.  Aluminum telescopic extending mechanism.

Seats: Up to 12


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