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Spyro Carbon Fiber Bottle Rack by Mast Elements

Spyro Carbon Fiber Bottle Rack by Mast Elements

Shaped in a spiral, the Spyro Carbon Fiber Bottle Rack by Mast Elements matches technology with passion.  It represents an advanced development in the use of carbon fiber materials in furniture.  The Spyro was designed Maurizio Ciabottoni and hand made in Italy.   

Carbon fiber is a thread-like structure, a very thin one, used to make a great deal of advanced materials.  Fibers are bonded together with a resin so strong fibers are in a correct orientation to absorb strains while keeping the shape of the composed piece.  To make structures with composite materials, carbon fibers are first twisted together, woven into a fabric and then, once laid in a mold, put in the matrix.

Among carbon fibers features: high mechanical resistance, low density, thermal insulation, resistance to temperature changes and to chemical agents, and fireproof.

There is no doubt carbon fiber can be defined a third millennium material.  It was first used in high technological research and development for military aviation as engineers were drawn to its resistance and lightness, making it possible to get very positive performance in terms of fuel consumption.  In very high performance car races, such as Formula 1, carbon fiber features allow very high stress levels, simply inconceivable just a few years ago.   Now many advanced market segments use this material.  From America‚¬„¢s Cup sailboats to space exploration, from advanced medical prosthetics to ballistic protection, high performance carbon fiber is the only answer.

Made in Italy. 

Dimensions:  H 71 1/4"  Dia 20"

Materials: Carbon fiber frame. Aluminum base. Available in matte or glossy finish.  Indoor/outdoor.  Capacity for 12 bottles.


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