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Peter Keler Bauhaus Cradle by Tecta

Peter Keler Bauhaus Cradle

Peter Keler was a student at the Bauhaus in Weimar, Germany. From 1919 to 1923 he studied mural painting with Wassily Kandinsky (eventually he became Kandinsky's assistant). This simple cradle, with its blue circle, yellow triangle, and red square, shows these influences. After 1945, he was a professor at the College of Architecture and Civil Engineering in Weimar (today Bauhaus) for education and exhibition design. Works by Peter Keler are the Bauhaus Museum, and Weimar Bauhaus Archive in Berlin.

The Peter Keler Bauhaus Cradle was designed in 1922.

Made in Germany by Tecta.  A licensed reproduction of Bauhaus Designs by Tecta are approved by the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin and carry the Signet "Original Bauhaus Modell" designed by Oskar Schlemmer at The Bauhaus Weimar in 1922.

Dimensions: W 38 1/2" Diameter 36" 

Materials: Blue, yellow, red, and white lacquered. Steel tube lacquered. Natural wickerwork insets.


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