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Niloo Lounge Chair by Artifort by Artifort

Niloo Lounge Chair by Artifort

The Niloo Lounge Chair was introduced at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2016.   In 2015, Artifort celebrated its 125-year anniversary with the return of the Penguin. Now we have the Niloo, Penguin's modern successor, designed by Khodi Feiz.

In the 1950s, Artifort blazed the trail of innovative design with the Congo and Pinguïn chair, designed by Theo Ruth. Niloo is following in its predecessor's footsteps by applying the same technique that involves two elements seamlessly fitting together. Through this design, we pay tribute to Artifort's history while setting our sights on the future.

Designer Feiz explains: ‘For me Niloo is all about the synergy of practicality and comfort. Imagine having to haul a fauteuil up three flights of stairs or the space-saving attributes during transport. And when slid together a simple chair emerges, almost iconic in image.’

This chair consists of two separate base elements that were fitted together with forked ends and held together by gravity. Niloo is entirely upholstered with Kvadrat's Tonus fabric.

Made in Holland by Artifort.

Dimensions: H 34 3/4"  D 32 1/4"  W 28 1/2"  SH 16 1/4"

Materials: Metal and molded foam frame.  Upholstered.  


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