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Michael Thonet S6653/18 Bentwood Settee

Michael Thonet S6653/18 Bentwood Settee

The Michael Thonet designed S6653/18 is a cane seat bentwood settee. Incorporating the design of 3 A18s together, the S6653 presents a timeless treasure for any home or office.

The process used to construct this chair has changed very little since the mid-1800s.  Pieces of beechwood are heated using steam ovens.  This process created a very pliable, but still strong piece of wood.  Inserting the wood into specific shaped molds and bending the wood creates parts for a chair.  Chairs such as the A14 Bentwood chair, use only a few parts and screws, thus creating a strong yet economical chair.

Dimensions: H 34 3/4" x D 21 2/3" W 45" Seat height 17 3/4" Seat diameter 42 1/2" x 17"

Materials: Bentwood sofa with beecwood frame. Woven cane seat.


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