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Michael Thonet L18 Bentwood Bed

Michael Thonet L18 Bentwood Bed

The Michael Thonet L18 Bentwood Bed is one of the largest and most striking of all of the bentwood products.  Similar in form to the famous 18/56 chair, the L18 bed uses an extensive number of bends to create this magnificent piece.

The L18 Bentwood Bed can be finished in wood stains or lacquers. 

Dimensions: Height 44 1/2" / 30"  D 80 1/4"  W 78 1/4"

Recommended frame: 74 3/4" x 67" (190 cm x 170 cm)  

Materials: Bentwood bed with beechwood frame. A variety of wood stain and lacquer finishes.


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