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Michael Thonet K60 Bentwood Stool

Michael Thonet K60 Bentwood Stool

The Michael Thonet K60 Bentwood Stool can trace its origins back to the mid 1800s.  This reproduction of the stool uses the traditional bentwood styles that one commonly associates with the furniture designs of Michael Thonet.   

Though the invention of the bentwood technique should be attributed to the American Samuel Gragg, it was Michael Thonet that experimented with the technique to an extreme level and made the bentwood chair one of the great commercial successes of all time.  An infatuation with reducing the number of pieces used in the construction of furniture, Michael Thonet created techniques of bending wood on multiple planes.  The techniques led to the development of phenomenal chair successes such as the legendary A14 and A18/14 bentwood chairs.

In 1861 Michael Thonet found the perfect location to build a new mass production bentwood factory.  Eastern Moravia (Czech Republic) provided the optimal conditions of large beechwood forests, inexpensive labor, and a railway to transport bentwood furniture inexpensively throughout Europe.  Only one of these early factories is still in existence, Ton a.s.

Using the same techniques for over 150 years, this bentwood furniture maker still follows old-world processes for manufacturing.  The bentwood chair you receive now, is essentially the same as one might receive in a home in Austria in the 1800s.  

Made in the Czech Republic

Dimensions: Height 18 1/4"  D 17 1/2"  W 17 1/2"  

Materials:  Bentwood Stool.  Frame in solid natural beechwood or beechwood with stain or lacquer finish.  Seat in wood veneer or woven cane.


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