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Michael Thonet Designed B1811 Upholstered Bentwood Armchair-Clearance

Michael Thonet Designed B1811 Upholstered Bentwood Armchair-Clearance

We have two new B1811 Armchairs in dark walnut with chocolate brown synthetic vinyl seats and woven cane backs priced for a quick sale.  The chairs were made in an original Michael Thonet factory in the Czech Republic.  They make great dining or pull-up chairs.

Designed in the 1920s, the design for the B1811 bentwood chair is often attributed to Josef Hoffman, but is more likely the design of Josef Frank. This design, using bentwood pieces of varying widths and profiles followed in the tradition of Michael Thonet. It appeared on the cover of the Michael Thonet Brothers Ltd catalog of the time with the model number A811F.

In 1830, German cabinet maker Michael Thonet began experimenting with furniture made by bending wood that had been steamed into a soft and pliable state. Over the 20 years, Michael Thonet and his sons developed the processes and machines that would allow them to build bentwood furniture in unprecedented quantities. It was in this time period that he developed what has become thought of as the "traditional" bentwood chair: one featuring a back rest and back legs made from a single piece, a rounded cane or laminated seat, and front legs. The output of the Michael Thonet factories was vast, due in part to his idea of designing separate pieces which would be combined to make a large number of models. Michael Thonet stands out as a designer and pioneer both in mass production and in design, as he artistically explored the new forms and unique qualities of his newly invented technique.

Made in Italy.

Dimensions: H 31 1/2"  D 19"  W 20"  SH 18 1/4"   

Materials: Chair with bentwood frame stained dark walnut.  Back in woven cane.  Seat in brown synthetic leather.


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