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Mariano Fortuny Floor Lamp

Mariano Fortuny Floor Lamp

This floor lamp was designed by Mariano Fortuny in 1923.  It features an adjustable reflector to direct light and a tripod stand.  This particular lamp is perhaps the most iconic of Fortuny's range.  

Mariano Fortuny was born in Granada, Spain in 1871.  His career as a designer was diverse as first he painted, then created textiles and other materials.  In 1901 Fortuny's creative nature led him to the lighting design.  His lighting designs decorated many museums and other buildings throughout Europe.  Perhaps his most famous quote "“It is not the quantity, but the quality of light, that makes things visible" is a principal still followed in interior design.

Made in Italy.

Dimensions: H 74 3/4" - 94 1/2"  Diameter 29 1/2"

Materials: Floor lamp with base in black lacquered cast iron.  Assembly on castors.  Adjustable black lacquered steel rod. Adjustable reflector in black lacquered aluminum. 

Recommended bulb: Maximum recommended - 500 watt


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