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Marcel Breuer F40 Cantilever Sofa by Tecta

Marcel Breuer F40 Cantilever Sofa

This Breuer Cantilever Sofa (F40) was designed in 1931, and reissued in 2000 in this edition available in wool, cora, or leather. A rare example of a cantilever sofa, it features Breuer's beloved tubular steel. Legend has it that he was cycling around Bauhaus Dessau when he was struck by the strength and lightness of this bicycle frame and realized its potential for crafting lightweight, elegant, and industrially-produced furniture.

The F40 Cantilever Cantilever Sofa was first shown at the 1931 Berlin Bau-Ausstellung Exhibition.  It was a project that Marcel Breuer had been working on for some time.  Due to the design of being free standing and having round tubular steel extend from the sides of the sofa, it is clear that the F40 was not intended to be used against a wall.  1931 also marked the end of Breuer’s work with tubular steel.  His last tubular steel chair design was produced for the Kharkov Theater in Russia.

Made in Germany by Tecta. A licensed reproduction.

Dimensions: H 31 1/2" D 29 1/2" W 69" SH 16 1/2"

Materials: Breuer F40 cantilever sofa. Frame in tubular steel and flat iron nickel plated. Loose tacked upholstery in seat and back


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