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Marcel Breuer D40 Cantilever Armchair by Tecta

Marcel Breuer D40 Cantilever Armchair

Bauhaus furniture design was based on the premise that it was necessary to develop new and radically different forms for the pieces of furniture that would be in the modern home. The cantilevered chair shown here, designed by Marcel Breuer in 1928, is now so familiar that it is hard to imagine the shock of seeing a chair without back legs, formed from a seemingly continuous loop of chrome-plated steel.

The Bauhaus Cantilever Chair (D 40) was designed by Marcel Breuer at the Bauhaus Dessau in 1928. The D 40 armrests are made of beech (natural or black colored). The frame is made of nickel plated steel, while the seat and back are made of either natural cane wicker work or leather, black, white or nature or in a special fabric called 'Eisengarn'. Eisengarn is a very strong fabric developed by the Bauhaus Dessau to assure that the seat and back covering stays in shape even after a long time use.

Made in Germany by Tecta.  A licensed reproduction of Bauhaus Designs by Tecta are approved by the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin and carry the Signet "Original Bauhaus Modell" designed by Oskar Schlemmer at The Bauhaus Weimar in 1922.

Dimensions: H 34 1/2" D 24" W 21" SH 18 1/4"  ArH 27 1/4"

Materials: Frame nickel plated, armrests in beechwood. Natural wicker. Also available in iron-yarn-belts black, blue, red or green, black or white hide leather CORA red, dark blue, blue or black, wickerwork or natural cane
When specified with fabric or leather belts, CORA black is used on the back.


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