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Luckhardt Chair by Alivar

Luckhardt Chair

Wassili Luckhardt and Hans Luckhardt designed this chair in 1929. It first appeared to the general public in Desta Catalogues from 1930-1931. The Desta model was available as we see it today, though it was also available with a lacquered wood back and seat. It is said that this bent tubular chair represented a "second generation" of such. It departed from the simple geometry of tubular chairs from such designers as Mart Stam and Marcel Breuer. Their chairs maintained a repetition of similar angles, mostly 90°, which demonstrated the Bauhaus idea of simplicity and beauty combined.

This chair was a radical departure from the simple form of the Bauhaus designers. The curves of the front of the chair are too wide and irregularly tapered to be made on a bending machine. At the time of original production one had to alternate between the bending machine as well as a large hydraulic press to get the precise angles, it was a complicated process. Consequently, the frame of this chair is more costly than that of other cantilever chairs. This could very well be the reason why this chair is not commonly produced. Moreover, this aspect has prevented other designers from utilizing similar designs, and so to this day, it has remained unmistakably unique.

Made In Italy.

Dimensions: H 35 3/4" D 22 3/4" W 21 1/4"

Materials: Chair in polished chrome plated tubular steel.  Seat and back covered in leather or synthetic leather.


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