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K-Love Magazine Rack by Kubedesign

K-Love Magazine Rack by Kubedesign

The K-Love Magazine Rack by Kubedesign has become a cult classic accessory throughout Europe, and now it's here in America!  With the profile of a fish's head, this contemporary design is as functional as it is unique.  Using sophisticated bonding technology, the Kubedesign K-Love Magazine Rack is manufactured using recycled materials turned into corrugated cardboard. Environmentally friendly glues are then used to bond the cardboard together to create a strong, durable, and green magazine rack.  

The Kubedesign K-Love Magazine Rack is enhanced by choosing one of 3 different colored shockproof materials the flat surface of the chair.  

Made by Kubedesign in Italy.

Dimensions: H 13 3/4"  D 12 1/2"  W 33"

Materials: 80% recycled cardboard.  Eco-friendly glues. 100% recyclable/biodegradable.  


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