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Genivra Folding Chair by BBB by BBB

Genivra Folding Chair by BBB

The Genivra Folding Chair was designed by the acclaimed Italian designer Achille Castiglioni in 1979.  The Genivra is a solid wood folding armchair influenced by Castiglioni's 1965 design of the Tric chair.  These modern classics are still produced today by BBB Emmebonacina.  

Both the Genivra and the Tric are re-designs of an old 1930's Thonet bentwood chair that is no longer in production. The Tric model was initially influenced by the Thonet model, but was manufactured with different dimensions and finishing to render it suitable to use at the Casa Abitata exhibition in Florence in 1965. 

Made in Italy by BBB.

Dimensions: H 32 3/4" (37 3/4" when folded)  D 23" (2" when folded)  W 26 1/2"  SH 13 3/4"

Materials: Solid wood with white or black lacquered finish.  Folds flat.


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