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Fiorello Room Dividier by Kubedesign | Bauhaus 2 Your House

Fiorello Room Dividier by Kubedesign | Bauhaus 2 Your House

The Fiorello Room Divider by Kubedesign offers a high design screen/divider/wall partition at a fantastic price! Using recycled material, this corrugated cardboard structure is available in a natural cardboard color.  The Fiorello is easily unassembled to move out of the way and store when you no longer need it.  The divider comes optionally equipped with a metal base adding stability to the unit.  It's a great way to cut down on clutter and be environmentally responsible at the same time!

The Fiorello can be customized to be any size you desire.  As it is sold in 2 square meter sections, you can simply add on more if the need arises.

Made by Kubedesign in Italy.

Dimensions: H 78 3/4"  W 78 3/4"  (Sold in 2 meter square sections)

Materials: 80% recycled cardboard. 100% recyclable/biodegradable.  Natural cardboard.


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