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Erich Brendel K10 Bauhaus Tea Table by Tecta

Erich Brendel K10 Bauhaus Tea Table

Created in 1924 at the Bauhaus by Erich Brendel, we are proud to offer one of the rare and unique items from this period.  The K10 Bauhaus Tea Table was revolutionary for its time, and has influenced a massive number of space saving tables since its inception in the 20s.  

Erich Brendel was one of the participants at the Bauhaus School.  Notably Brendel was one of the interior designers involved in decorating the House at Horn in Weimar for the 1923 Weimar Exhibition.  It provided "the greatest comfort with the greatest economy by the application of the best craftsmanship and the best distribution of space in form, size, and articulation" according to Walter Gropius, the head of the Bauhaus School.

Dimensions: H 23 3/4"  D 17 3/4" - 49 1/4"  W 17 3/4" - 49 1/4"

Made in Germany.

Materials: Bauhaus tea table on castors with 4 flaps.  Frame in ash lacquered black, white, red or natural.  Please call for design assistance when specifying multiple colors.


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