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El Lissitzky "Table of the Conferencier" Executive Desk by Tecta

El Lissitzky "Table of the Conferencier" Executive Desk

Lazar Markovich Lissitzky's "Table of the Conferencier" was designed in 1923, and displayed at the Hygiene Exhibition in Dresden in 1930. This piece of Lissitzky furniture is constructed of ashwood that is stained black or white.

Also known as El Lissitzsky, this Russian architect, designer, and artist was one of the most important figures in the Russian avant garde. He has been credited with bringing significant innovation and change to the fields of typography, exhibition design, photomontage, and book design, producing critically respected works and winning international acclaim for his exhibition design. As the developer of Suprematism (along with Kazimir Malevich), El Lissitzky was one of the most influential designers on the Bauhaus, Constructivist, and De Stijl movements.

Made in Germany.

Dimensions: H 29 1/4" D 55 1/4" W 55 1/4"

Materials: Ash black or white stained. Chrome leg.


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