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August Thonet B4 Bentwood Chair - Upholstered

August Thonet B4 Bentwood Chair - Upholstered

Through the years, many variations of the B4 bentwood chair have been made.  This particular model is made at one of Michael Thonet's original  factories located in the Czech Republic. The factory still exists over 150 years after its inception creating bentwood in classic as well as contemporary styles.

The B4 Cafe Daum Bentwood Chair was introduced in 1850.  The B4 bentwood chair was first used commercially by the proprietor of the Cafe Daum in Vienna.  It is still used there today.  The B4 bentwood chairs were initially made of bent mahogany and laminated wood strips.  They later appeared in a slightly different form as Chair Number 4 in Michael Thonet's furniture catalogs.

Michael Thonet's new B4 bentwood chairs were lightweight, elegant, strong, and were characterized by a grace and fluidity of line which made them unique in European furniture of the period.  These features make it still a popular bentwood chair today for residential and commercial space.

Made in the Czech Republic

Dimensions: H 34 1/4"  D 23 1/4"  W 20 1/4"  Seat height 18 1/4"

Materials:  Bentwood chair.  Beechwood frame with stain or lacquered finish.  Upholstered seat with fabric or leather.  



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