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Charles Rennie Mackintosh Short Ladderback Chair

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Short Ladderback Chair

This Charles Rennie Mackintosh Short Ladderback Chair was designed to be used in various locations throughout the Willow Street Tea Rooms. It is Mackintosh's most successful version of the traditional ladderback chair. It is interesting to note that the earliest chair thought to have been designed by Mackintosh was a ladderback designed for the bedroom of David Gauld in 1903. He used the same ladderback again in 1901 in Windyhill, Kilmacolm. For this house he designed a second ladderback. However, unlike this present model, both of these earlier chairs are very traditional and show very little of the style of Mackintosh.

This reproduction is as the chair was originally designed and produced for the Willow Tea Rooms. However, after the chairs had been in use for a while, reinforcement was added to the back of each chair behind the ladder. This reinforcement was added to the chairs in use in the Tea Room and, consequently, existing examples all show this modification. There is no evidence to show that Mackintosh suggested or approved this modification. In fact, it appears that the clients very often repaired, reinforced and reproduced the furniture originally designed by Mackintosh without asking his intervention or approval. At any rate, all the early photographs of the Tea Room show this chair before the addition of this reinforcement and it is obvious that such an element is foreign to Mackintosh's original design. Consequently, this present reproduction is without this additional piece.

Made in Italy.

Dimensions: H41" D 15 1/2" W 18"

Materials: Black stained chair. Upholstered seat with cane, fabric or leather.


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