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Brillo Bottle Rack by Kubedesign

Brillo Bottle Rack by Kubedesign

The Brillo Bottle Rack by Kubedesign is an ingenious design by Roberto Giacomucci.  The Brillo was designed in 2011 as part of a series of contemporary cardboard furniture items.  The recycled material used in the Brillo Bottle Rack, and other cardboard Kubedesign items, is made with honeycomb construction making each item very strong. The Brillo is optionally coated with a 3 millimeter shockproof material making the surface very durable.  

The Brillo Bottle Rack makes a fun and environmentally friendly accessory for any kitchen or bar area.  

Made by Kubedesign in Italy.

Dimensions:  H 23 34"  D 8"  W 15 3/4"

Materials: 80% recycled cardboard.  Eco-friendly glues. 100% recyclable/biodegradable.  Available in shockproof cardboard material with 3 different colors from which to choose.  

Minimum order of 2.


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