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Birillo Cabinet by Kubedesign

Birillo Cabinet by Kubedesign

The Birillo (Italian for bowling pin) Cabinet is a unique storage design from Kubedesign, specialists in cardboard furniture creation. The Birillo Cabinet stands over 6 feet tall with a laminated textured picture of an aged bowling pin on the front. Great for the kid's room or for storing your Earl Anthony memorabilia, the Birillo is sure to add character to any room in the house.

Made in Italy by Kubedesign.

Dimensions: H 74 3/4"  18 1/4"  W 27 1/2"

Materials: Cabinet. 2 doors in laminated corrugated recycled 3mm thick shockproof cardboard. Equipped with hinges and magnetic closure.  Shelf constructed with corrugated cardboard. Adjustable feet.  80% recycled cardboard.  Eco-friendly glues. 100% recyclable/biodegradable. 


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