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Ben van Berkel Gemini Lounge Chair by Artifort by Artifort

Ben van Berkel Gemini Lounge Chair by Artifort

The Gemini Lounge Chair is design full of movement, dynamism, and Artifort DNA. Gemini comprises two asymmetrically-designed seat elements. This offers a wide range for variation. Combine mirror images or identical twins, and experiment with fabrics and colours. Position Geminis with their 'backs' against each other, or so that the people using them can look at each other. Create a sitting environment in a wave formation: ideal for waiting rooms, lounges, lobbies, and libraries. 

The one-piece seat shell with its flowing lines rests on an asymmetric frame. On one side it almost reaches the ground, while on the other sides it 'flows' upwards to form both a backrest and an armrest. The Gemini Lounge invites users to seat themselves in a variety of positions, upright or sprawling, whatever they feel like. 

The Gemini can be upholstered in three different ways, in one or two colours. When opting for two colours, there is also the choice between top/bottom upholstery and inside/outside upholstery. There's no shortage of options!

Made in Holland by Artifort.

Dimensions: H 34 3/4"  D 25 1/4"  W 31 1/2"  SH 15 3/4"  ArH 22 1/2"

Materials:  Steel frame chair covered with polyurethane foam. Powder coated  steel wire base.  Upholstered with fabric or leather.  Call for multiple fabric options.


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