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Qui o Qua Strorage Unit by Urbinati

Qui o Qua Strorage Unit by Urbinati

Time to toss that old milk crate storage unit that you store items in and upgrade, in a big way!  The Qui o Qua storage unit from Urbinati is just the way! Constructed with beautiful crystal glass and fitted with wheels, the Qui o Qua is the perfect box storage unit for a myriad of items, from garbage to marbles, from magazines to Legos.  

Wheel your Qui or Qua around the house proudly knowing that this design came from one of Italy's most famous designers, Fabrio Gigli.

Made in Italy by Urbinati.


H 14 3/4"  D 12"  W 12"

H 14 3/4"  D 12"  W 15 3/4"

H 14 3/4"  D 15 3/4"  W 15 3/4"

Materials: Crystal glass fitted with wheels.


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