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Square Shaker Table

Square Shaker Table

Shaker Furniture has become legendary around the world for its simple beauty. Shaker furniture takes its roots from the 19th century religious sect - the Shakers. The Shakers were an offshoot from the Quakers, an English religious group with their roots dating back to the 18th century. During the 1800's the Shakers grew to several thousand converts living in Shaker communities throughout the United States from Kentucky to Maine. The Shakers became famous for their unique style of furniture. It is simple, unique and durable. The pieces were normally produced in mass production using the appropriate tools and mechanisms to do so. This was performed in order to provide the same furniture throughout the settlement. With communities throughout the American South, Midwest and Northeast, their master wood workmanship lives on today in this beautiful reproduction. 

This square Shaker table comes from a design dating back to about 1820, which unified the characteristics of the models produced by the New Lebanon Shaker community near New York. 

Manufactured in Italy.

Dimensions: H 26 1/2"  W 21"  D 17"

Material: Tables with base and top in solid beechwood lacquered cherry.


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